Madeleine Blaess School Packs

The Diary as a Teaching Resource

The Madeleine Blaess diary is an exciting resource usable in classrooms across all key stages in History GCSE and A level curriculum.

We have developed school packs which are freely available for teachers to pilot in the classroom. All that we ask is that you provide us with feedback telling us how it has influenced your teaching and benefited your pupils. We would also like to hear suggestions about how we might enhance the resources we are offering.

Bombing in Wartime
Women in Wartime
The Holocaust
Writing Diaries
Home and Migration
Living through the Occupation

The packs, developed with the assistance of  staff from the Department of Education at the University of York and schoolteachers across Yorkshire, fit well with the local history project brief at both Key Stages 2 and 3 as well as providing a channel for understanding historical events of global import which is a more clearly delineated expectation at Key Stage 3.

Hard copy materials are also available on each page to be downloaded as pdf files. 

It is especially pleasing that we have collaborated with schools in areas with a connection to the Blaess diary (Sheffield, Leeds and York). We would be glad to hear expressions of interest from other teachers who would like to be involved in the design of study materials for schools – and not only from Yorkshire!